These Iconic Foods are Worth Traveling Across the World For

Food is an essential part of human life, and it represents not only cultural but also regional identity. Some dishes have become so iconic that people travel long distances just to experience them.

From tantalizing street food to gourmet cuisine, every country worldwide has its signature food that has gained the status of an iconic dish.

If you are a foodie, then traveling to different places to explore unique flavors and dishes is undoubtedly one of your dream journeys. Below are some of the iconic foods around the world that are worth traveling for.

1. Pizza – Italy
Pizza, the mouth-watering food of Italy, has gained worldwide popularity, and you will find a pizzeria in every nook and corner of the world. Still, nothing can alter the taste of an authentic Italian Pizza in Italy- Naples, to be specific. Naples is the birthplace of Pizza, and its Neapolitan pizza is world-famous. What makes a Neapolitan pizza different from the others is the six-century-old tradition of producing it with hand-kneaded dough, San Marzano tomatoes, and Mozzarella di Bufala. The mouth-melting cheese and spongy crust make Neapolitan pizza one of the most iconic and exemplary dishes in the world of cuisine.

2. Sushi – Japan
Sushi is Japan’s most celebrated dish for several good reasons. Dating back to as early as the second century, Sushi has been refined and evolved into the iconic dish that people across the globe appreciate. The dish is essentially raw fish, sticky rice, and a few other basic ingredients. Japanese cuisine is more than the taste, and that is apparent in their presentation. The way sushi is prepared and presented at sushi bars in Japan is unmatched in both flavor and ambiance. Its freshness, simplicity, and aesthetic appeal make sushi a perfect exotic food to try whenever one finds themselves in Japan.

3. Gelato – Italy
Gelato is Italy’s answer to ice-cream. It is a flavorful mixture of sugar, cream, and different combinations of fruits, nuts, chocolate, and other ingredients. Unlike ice-cream, Gelato is served at a higher temperature, creating a smooth and creamy texture that melts instantly in your mouth. Several gelato specialists in Italy serve this delectable dish, but the one that stands out is the gelato in Tuscany. This region of Italy is famous for housing numerous upscale gelato places that offer both traditional and modern flavors.

4. Peking Duck – China
Peking Duck is considered an iconic dish in China, and it has been prepared since the imperial days, dating back to the 14th century. The Peking Duck embodies both flavor and culture; it is prepared by marinating duck meat with spices and sugar, then roasting it until the skin turns crispy. After that, it is carefully sliced and served along with pancakes, thinly sliced scallions, and Hoisin sauce. The Duck is one of the culinary legacies, and a visit to Beijing is not complete without trying this iconic dish.

5. Croissants – France
Croissants a.k.a “crescent-moon shaped pastry” originated in Austria, but it was the French who elevated it to the iconic dish status. Croissants are widely consumed in France and are considered a quintessential part of French breakfasts. Obtaining a buttery, flaky croissant is no mean feat, but several patisseries in France serve excellent croissants. They are best served fresh, warming your heart and belly with each bite.

6. Cheese – Switzerland
Switzerland is famous for its cows, and both cheese and wine are a significant part of Swiss culture. Swiss cheese is more than just fondue and raclette; it includes Emmental, Gruyere, Raclette, etc. The Swiss cuisine offers cheese in different forms and ages; some of which make the best sandwich toppings, while others work for a perfect fondue. Traveling to Switzerland provides an opportunity to have an authentic cheese entrance and enjoy the cozy ambiance and good service offered by the Swiss.

7. Curry – India
Curry is one of the world’s most celebrated dishes, and its origins are traced back to India. Curry is a mix of pungent spices and aromatic herbs blended together to make an incredible taste that has almost become a staple of every household worldwide. In India, curry varies from region to region, and each type has its signature blend of spices. Punjabi curry is the most popular of all curries, with its uniquely balanced flavors, and it is undoubtedly a foodie’s delight.

Culinary tourism has gone on the rise with iconic dishes and restaurants now serving as travel destinations. Traveling to different places around the world to try out new tastes, flavors, and textures has become popular over time, with some planning their entire trips around the food they want to eat. All these iconic foods described highlight only a few of the endless options that one can explore throughout their travel journeys, and every food enthusiast should have these dishes on their bucket list.

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