Could Tesla’s New Model S Refresh Propel Stock to Even Greater Heights?

Tesla has been making waves in the automotive industry for years now. The electric car company led by entrepreneur Elon Musk has, in many ways, become a household name. However, the company has recently announced plans to refresh its iconic Model S sedan, which could propel the company’s stock even further to greater heights.

Despite several controversies and criticisms, Tesla has managed to become one of the most valuable car companies globally, and its Model S is a prominent example of its innovative techniques coupled with sustainable energy sources. First launched in 2012, the Model S has been a significant contributor to Tesla’s success, and now, Tesla aims to further enhance the vehicle with a complete refresh.

The new Model S Refresh comes with a range of updates, including a fresh exterior design, new battery technologies, and an expanded range. It also boasts of the most significant overhaul in its 9-year history. Tesla’s Model S refresh is now packed with exciting innovations that could provide an opportunity for the company to win over new customers, drive sales and boost its stock performance.

Design Overhaul

The Model S refresh comes with an updated exterior design that sets it apart from its predecessor. The latest version features a new front bumper, more aerodynamic side skirts, and a new diffuser at the rear. The design revamp seems to have thrilled the market, as evidenced by the recent stock surge following the announcement.

The new Model S features an entirely new interior architecture with adjustable ambient lighting stretching across the interior. Another important development is the infotainment system, which is now a 17-inch landscape display that supports both gaming and streaming. Furthermore, the cabin has a horizontal layout, giving it a more spacious and open feel, with new front and rear seats offering ventilation, heating and massage functionalities.

Enhanced Performance

The Tesla Model S is renowned for its powerful features, and the new refresh is no different. The base Model S trim comes with dual motors that offer all-wheel drive, and the higher-end models can reach 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars on the road. The Long Range Plus package offers up to 405 miles of range, and the tri-motor Plaid variant, expected in mid-2021, should eventually offer a range of over 500 miles.

Additionally, the refresh comes with an updated battery pack, including Structural Battery Pack, reducing the weight, increasing the range, and enhancing the vehicle’s performance. This battery technology relies on a structural adhesive to bond sheets of metal together in layers, which improves the overall rigidity of the battery pack.

Expanded Market Share

The Model S refresh is expected to provide Tesla with opportunities to capture an even larger market share. The updated design and features will undoubtedly appeal to consumers who are fond of luxury vehicles. Additionally, Tesla’s focus on sustainability makes the Model S refresh an attractive vehicle for environmentally conscious consumers.

With the development of the Model S refresh, Tesla could expand its market share to include customers leaning more towards higher-end options. The Model S’s advanced features coupled with the updated design put Tesla on par with established luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, giving those brands some stiff competition in the electric car market.

Positive Market Response

Tesla’s Model S refresh has received positive reviews since its announcement. As expected, Tesla’s stock price surged in response, reaching new heights. The company has become the second most valuable car company globally, trailing only behind Toyota.

Tesla’s historic high stock price and strong financial results over the past year are a testament to the company’s successful product development strategies. With the Model S refresh, Tesla is positioned to further cement its position in the market, provide exciting new features to consumers, and potentially bolster its stock even further.


Tesla’s Model S refresh serves as a prime example of the company’s forward-thinking approach when it comes to product development. The innovative range it offers, coupled with advanced features, will undoubtedly attract a more extensive customer base, giving the company ample opportunities to drive its stock prices up.

Tesla’s move into the luxury car market dominated by established brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz could further expand its market share, reaping greater financial rewards for the company. With the recent announcement of Tesla’s Model S refresh, it’s clear that this dynamic car company will continue to challenge old norms, push boundaries, and pave the way towards a sustainable future.

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